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Avantgarde 7000 HS


- profile width is 70 mm, making it 20% larger than others sold on the Polish market,
- new better standard - 6 bowl,
- non-faced shape of raising the functionality,
- gently rounded profile, give a modern and elegant look,
- aesthetic and very little visible gaskets,
- choice of glazing board: Rounde and Future,
- excellent thermal = U-1,0 and acoustic isolation,
- Snow White and exceptional color fastness,
- a large chamber that allows the strengthening of steel used to strengthen, providing a better static whole window,
- plastic frame heat SWISSSPACER,
- fill in the cut,
- gray or black seal the option to choose,
- repeal lock or gradual repeal (option to choose),
- handle made of metal (magnesium).

Why windows Avantgarde HS is so special?

Avantgarde HS is mainly security and functionality.

We have built-in lock on wrong position handles or graduates repeals giving you the opportunity to select a line of personal preference.

Built-in lock on wrong position handles prevents the contemporary repeal and gape wings and thus the wings do not falling off its hinges.Four-step, controlled handle enables to repeal the wings in four positions, which allows for convenient adjustment of air exchange.


- we give our customers the choice of gasket color (gray by the white profiles, black by veneered profiles),

- profiles have ferrule fill the lower groove in the frame to protect against the collection of dirt, which also helps to keep the windows clean,

- we equipped windows in a convenient metal handle, that accnets the aesthetics of the window and ensures its long life,

- the best available on the market for hot plastic frame SwissSpacer in gray, which minimizes the retting of glass in cold weather and eliminates the thermal bridge, reducing heat loss in the room.