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Sectional garage doors:

- opens vertically upwards to the ceiling - the combined segments are moved on rollers along the guide – this ergonomic solution promotes that the space inside the garage remains as large as possible, and there is no need of additional space for free opening and closing the door before the garage.

- can be operated manually or automatically - in each of these cases, maintenance is simple and safe.

- well protected – equipped with simple and reliable burglar mechanical protection systems - lock and crossbar.

- ensure good thermal and acoustic isolation - due to the fact that the doors are manufactured from sections of 40mm thick, filled with polyurethane foam, and a system of reliable seals is mounted around the surface of the doors.

Sectional garage doors framed

Panel gives to the doors a classical view. Richness of a color spectrum allows on design of the door, perfectly combined with every element of the facade.

Paneled doors are available framed in laminates of golden oak, mahogany, walnut, as well as in all colors of the RAL palette.

Sectional garage doors- a narrow horizontal corrugation

Popularity of a narrow horizontal corrugation follows from its simplicity and universal appearance. Its shape can be highlighted by using decorative elements.
Doors - a narrow horizontal corrugations - are available in laminates of golden oak, Mahogany, Walnut, and as well as in all colors of RAL palette.

Sectional garage doors - a wide horizontal corrugations

Wide horizontal corrugations gives to the doors a modern design. House wins aesthetically, and you do not need any efforts to maintain the doors clean, because it is simple. Gates - wide horizontal corrugations are available in all colors of the RAL palette.

Smooth sectional garage doors

Smooth garage doors are designed for lovers of simple shapes and they perfectly combined with facade of the buildings, with clear outlines. Their exclusivity emphasizes a rich assortment of laminates of RENOLIT palette, allowing to select type of the door to already existing doors, windows and roller shutters.

Smooth gates are available in more than ten laminates of RENOLIT palette ,as well as in all colors of the RAL palette. An additional advantage is that they can decorate with decorative details made of stainless steel.

Beauty is in the details

Series of decorative parts for smooth doors, offered by KRISPOL company, allows additionally emphasize the individual nature of the door. Each part is made of high quality of stainless steel.