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Suburban 2DY

Greenhouse "Suburban 2DY"
Coverage – a film 150 micron

Covered area of the ground - 18.3 sq. m. Greenhouse has two doorways at opposite ends and has a door and small window at each doorway. This option of greenhouse is designed for their installations on the open areas with strong winds. The frame has a more frequent longitudinal and cross-sectional set: 9 longitudinal elements instead of 5 and 11 arcs instead of 7 on the original version. Coverage is not included in the basic kit, but greenhouse can be completed with special modern film ,with thickness of 150 microns comfortable six-meter width on the customer’s request..


- Width - 3 m;
- Height - 2 m;
- Length - 6 m.


Greenhouse is supplied in four packages with a total weight no more than 70kg.
- 1 st. package - direct details and instruction: 1250x100x50 mm.
- 2nd package - details of arcs: 1250x220x50 mm.
- 3rd package - direct details for the ends 1000x100x50 mm.
- 4th package - clamps and accessories: 700x150x100 mm.

299.00 EUR